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Andrew Lwanga Ssebaggala

Andrew Lwanga SsebaggalaAndrew Lwanga Ssebaggala is an emergent Storyteller from Uganda and avid researcher in this art form. He has had five years solid experience performing for school audiences around Kampala, Uganda as well as special guest performance appearances at Addis Ababa University (Ethiopia, 2007) and Makerere University (Uganda, 2009). Together with his performance company - House of Talent (HOT), Andrew was part of a core team of featured Storytellers during the 6th edition of the Amakula Kampala International Film Festival (2009). He co-founded House of Talent (HOT) - a Kampala-Uganda based Performance Company focused on contemporary presentations of indigenous African expressive art forms. This year’s Sigana International Storytelling Festival presents him as a fast rising Eastern African Storytelling artiste with a bias towards traditional oral folklore material.

Two pieces in his growing repertoire include the Legend of Kintu and Nambi as well as a folktale piece pitting the wits of a master trickster against human royalty called the Hare & the Kings. In the Legend of Kintu & Nambi, Ssebaggala digs deep into the mythical origins of his Baganda people. It is a tale that combines the ethos of hard work, selflessness, character temperament, celestial love relationships and resistance to cruelty. Questions about who the Buganda say they are, from where they came and why resilience is a definitive virtue in their lives are all beautifully dealt with in this cross-generational tale.

The Hare and the Kings is another trickster tale that details the exploits of Hare. This time he takes the entire community of fellow animals for a ride as he eats from their hard earned toil. When the animal community slaps him with potentially life threatening sanctions, the wily fellow is forced to undertake a journey that finally brings him right into the courtyard of the King of the human race! Pushed towards the supposedly end of his wits, the Hare digs deep into his famous reservoir of brilliance to not only survive but prevail!