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zamaleoACT - Centre of Artistic Excellence

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Hellen Alumbe Namai

Hellen Alumbe NamaiHellen Alumbe Namai perches at the apex of modern Kenyan developed Sigana storytelling practice. She performs as an integral part of Zamaleo Sigana Storytellers whose signature revolves around uplifting Storytelling beyond words. The art of animated banter, chants, music, sing along tunes, narration, persuasive dramatics, dance and movement are all weaved into infectious voyages into fictionalized worlds that are immediately grounded upon varied realities informing our every day lives. Alumbe has performed internationally in Sweden, South Africa, Re-Union, Uganda, Ethiopia and Tanzania. She started off as an actress and soon turned into full time professional Storyteller over the past ten years. Alumbe is a well-known creative within Kenyan educational circles as a persuasive Storyteller-Teacher with unforgettable impact on young learners. In addition to her often-busy performance schedule, Alumbe runs master storytelling workshops besides mentoring young tellers into future professionals.