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Mats Rehnman

Mats RehnmanMats Rehnman is making his second coming to the festival. A co-founder of Sweden’s and leading Scandinavian storytelling collective known as Fabula Storytelling, Mats has been at the centre of continental Europe’s over decade long revival movement of the art of Storytelling. It is a joy to experience Mat’s spellbinding telling. Often underpinned with wit, surprise discoveries, adventure, twists and real life fantasies, his presentations paints a world so real, immediate and unnervingly welcoming! His vivid rendition belies Mats’ background as a professional visual artist whose first love was the canvas and sculpturing. He tells with the air of a comfortable master, a familiar uncle, sure with his many years of lived experience, sharp memory, sublime details – all hanging on his canvas of a face that conjures up myriads of emotions and living pictures. His entire body and freefalling words bring to life another world that invites listeners to participant along as co-travelers.

Mats repertoire is a tour-de-force across the folklore of many cultures in all the continents of the world. On his lips, old Viking seafarer tales give way to Sufi mystical stories from the orient extending further to Chinese legends across the ages. In this second return to Sigana International Storytelling Festival, Mats shall share part of his vast collection of world tales while keeping his ears firmly on the ground for the African lore.