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Mshai Mwangola

Mshai Mwangola GithongoMshai embodies the very development of contemporary practice of Storytelling in Eastern Africa. She virtually inspired and grew up with it over the last 21 years becoming its leading exponent across the world. Mshai tells her pieces with passion, always locking up her audiences in critical interactive engagements that creatively dislocate the linearity of performer-listener dichotomies. Her involving style packages song, movement, banter, enactment, narration into complex commentary bundles delivered with disarming charm, simplicity and novelty typical of a vastly skillful and experienced raconteur.

Mshai is a consummate performer-scholar with a doctorate in performance studies from Chicago’s University of Northwestern, USA. She has studied, written and performed her own treatises centered on the contemporary confluence between socio-cultural dynamics and the act of storytelling - in all its diversities. As an educationist, researcher, cultural leader, trainer, inspirational speaker, Africanist, Mshai confesses that Storytelling is what provides her with a continuous navigational thread across her multiple roles and identities.

She has journeyed and presented innumerable performances to worldwide audiences in Australia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. Now settled at home, Mshai looks forward to unveiling part of her new story repertoire during the 2010 Sigana International Storytelling Festival.