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zamaleoACT - Centre of Artistic Excellence

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1st Sigana International Storytelling Festival

zamaleoACT hosts the inaugural Sigana International Storytelling Festival this July 2009.

8 world-renowned professional Storytellers drawn from Sweden (Europe), Canada (North America), Tanzania, Uganda & Kenya (Eastern Africa) shall gather in Nairobi to present memorable performances woven around words, visual touch, music and movement. Built around the theme of "Our Words, Our Lives", the festival promises to present the best in the art of Storytelling as currently practiced across many cultures.

DATES: Friday- Sunday July 03-05, 2009

VENUE: Alliance Frances, off Loita Street Nairobi City-KENYA.

Advance Bookings: Adults Ksh300; Children 150

Ticket Sales At the Door: Adults Ksh400; Children Ksh200

zamaleoACT invites you to be part of this great beginning for Sigana International Storytelling Festival (SISF)!


Ida-Junker-Sweden Ida Junker - Sweden
Ida is a stage storyteller, educationalist and artist who started off as a teacher of art education and drama, artist and art historian. In addition to telling stories, she lectures on storytelling. In Sweden where she comes from, she is a member of the Fabula Storytelling Company where she runs the Young Storytellers on Stage project, a six-step, three-year storytelling program for young people. Together with a number of her colleagues at Fabula, Ida has been in the forefront of organizing several storytelling festivals in Sweden.

Mats-Rehnman-Sweden Mats Rehnman - Sweden
Author, artist and storyteller. Mats tours Sweden with a wide repertoire of fairytales, myths and tall stories and makes frequent appearances at festivals the world over. He was instrumental in starting a number of activities within the storytelling movement, such as the Fabula Storytelling Festival, Berättarnätet Sverige and the 2006 Storytelling Year across Scandinavia. At present he is one of the prime movers in Nordic collaboration on the Storytelling Slam and building up of a Federation for European Storytelling (FEST). He is also active as an educator, training teachers, clergy, actors, musicians etc. in the art of storytelling. Together with a number of colleagues with his colleagues at Fabula Storytelling Company, Mats brings a rich experience of the European telling tradition to Sigana International Storytelling Festival.

Peter-Hagberg Peter Hagberg - Sweden
He has been a professional storyteller since 1987. He works both as an educator and with performances of his own. During the 90s he ran the Stockholm storytelling venue Cric Crac Café together with Ulf Ärnström and Mats Rehnman. Peter is a member of the Fabula Storytelling Company in Sweden where he co-runs the Young Storytellers on Stage Project. His participation in Sigana International Storytelling festival marks his second artistic tour of Eastern Africa having been in Addis Ababa Ethiopia just last year 2008.

KerstiKersti - Sweden
Storyteller, singer and composer Kersti hails from Hälsingland, Sweden and was born into a popular narrative tradition where music, singing and improvisation have always gone hand in hand with weird and wonderful denizens of the forest, wild beasts and strange happenings. She has done a recording of Alice Tegnér songs, Ute blåser sommarvind, released earlier this year under her own Modesty Music label. Kersti is a member of the Fabula Executive Committee. Together with a number of colleagues, Kersti runs the Fabula Storytelling Company as the central purveyors of storytelling practice in contemporary Sweden.

Jamie-Oliviero-Canada Jamie Oliviero - Canada
He is a professional Storyteller and teaching artist from Canada with thirty-five years experience, working in various arts-in-education programs, as well as performing and giving workshops. With his long-standing gift of Storytelling, Oliviero seeks to deepen human understanding, heal, inspire compassion and maintain a sense of wonder in the world. In participating in this 1st Sigana International Storytelling Festival he says, "...I feel that I have come to a place in my life where every day is another chance to grow stronger, gain wisdom, and do what I can to ‘give back the gift'.

Githanda-Githae-Kenya Githanda Githae - Kenya
He is a profiled screen actor for TV and film. He had years of experience as a radio presenter, theatre director and production manager. He is currently a leading drama teacher in an international school in Kenya. He has had 12 years of theatre arts and performance creation and touring across Eastern Africa. With colleagues at Zamaleo ACT, Githanda is at the core of developing professionalism in the practice of Storytelling performance.

Alumbe-Namai-Kenya Ms. Hellen Alumbe Namai - Kenya
She is a consummate Storyteller with a vast experience in Africa and internationally. She currently stands out as a leading Kenyan female professional storyteller with a solid creative stature over the last 12 years. She performs under Zamaleo Sigana Storytellers Company of Kenya but often travels across the world as a solo professional conducting workshops and performance presentation under special invitations. She is well known within Storytelling circuits in Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, South Africa, Sweden, Canada, India and Israel.

SusanKung'uSusan Wa'Mucii Kung'u - Kenya
has performed stories over the last 30 years. As a professional language teacher and music trainer, she has molded many young Kenyans' appreciation of creative dramatics from tender age to young adulthood. Her performance adaptation and re-interpretation of traditional African tales is a marvel for any audience anywhere she had the opportunity to perform. She worked for many years with Zamaleo Sigana Storytellers before founding her own company known as Kikwata Storytellers based in Nairobi City.