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"DESTINY" Fireside Tales Storytelling

On 17th and 18th of this month April 2010 Zamaleo Sigana Storytellers welcome you to the latest edition of Sigana Fireside Tales storytelling performance series. We will pitch our warm hearth-place tent at the Kenya National Theatre grounds opposite Norfolk Hotel along Harry Thuku road adjacent to University of Nairobi and Kenya Broadcasting Corporation within Nairobi city center.


This time round, we share stories of DESTINY.

Titi MukeniNewton KweyaAs the old adage goes: Life is a journey - everyone takes their own across time and space in many generations among communities worldwide. These journeys are all living dreams towards destinies. Sometimes we reach our destinies, recognize and peacefully lay down to cuddle them. However, many often fail to notice their destinies even when they reach them! If they do, such becomes new beginnings of new journeys, search and adventure. Yes - we are restless beings who hardly stay still! Instead, we prefer the thrill of constant search. So we move on to our beckoning destinies across many unknown horizons.

On the evenings of Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th, we will share with you 4 gems of African folkloric oral tales namely: The Hare & the Hyena, Fate & Struggle, Ajaiyi & the Witchdoctor AND The Woodcutter.

AlumbeWangareShared in our usual interactive Sigana performance style, the stories will navigate journeys told through banter, narration, chant, drama, song, music, movement and dance. Together, they lay bare timeless yearnings of human heart amidst danger and restless spirit of search. Zamaleo's team of 5 experienced storytellers - Githanda Githae, Alumbe Hellen, Grace Wangare, Kweya and Titi Mukeni - promises to challenge and sooth us all with these four riveting stories picked from diverse African communal settings.

GithandaGithaeBabuAchieng' Babu, the multi-talented doyen of neo-traditional Kenya music will lead the trio team of Gachie Njuguna, Willy Munga and Elijah Oliech in weaving together live African musical back for the performances. It will be a double evening open to smooth savoring of rich African performed oral heritage. So make a date with us by taking advantage of Early Bird advance ticket bookings for the limited seats available at the small intimate venue.

The Storylines

The Hare and the Hyena - as told by Titi Mukeni & Newton Kweya

Kweya_TitiAs friends, Kaka Sungura the Hare and Kaka Fisi the Hyena one day decided to share work in the farm. Sweat together, share together - so goes the old logical wisdom. However, for Kaka Sungura the Hare as usual, life would be too boring for such a straightforward deal. So he throws in a few minutes of creative thought and soon the Hyena is in for a nasty time. Nothing however lasts forever as even those who are dead foolish eventually behold bright lights. When this happens to Kaka Fisi the Hyena, he decides to take charge of his own destiny. Things changes never to be the same again!

The Woodcutter - as told by Alumbe Namai & Grace Wangari

Alumbe and WangareHe chopped wood and burnt makaa-charcoal for what seemed to be endless years. Was it meant to be this way? Did fate conspire to lock him up with such a destiny? Was it a predetermined reality? If so, why? To find out the truth of this, the woodcutter convinces two friends - a businessman and a king to accompany him upon a journey to unravel the hidden truth! In this journey of self-discovery, the three comrades come to learn about certain controversial realities of an unseen order.

Ajaiyi and the Witchdoctor - as told by Githanda Githae

Githanda GithaeSome said he was cursed, others said he was born with bad luck. Still others said he was the living form of poverty in a human being! Ajaiyi inherits extreme poverty from his father and finding that even though he works hard nothing changes, he consults the wise one - him who sees beyond the physical. Will his destiny change and by what means?

Fate and Struggle -
as told by Alumbe Namai

AlumbeHe got some good amount of money and set out to make the best out of his fortune. One day, a fish with pearls tucked safely under its belly come visiting him too - courtesy of an appreciative fisherman! Will our man realize the full blessings of his double windfall or while away his time dreaming of what he already has in the middle of his palm?